Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EXP3: Final Design Statement

The design of my bridge has a focus on be conscious of the environment. The central tower is made up of individual timber pieces which sit with a small gap in between. This gap allows one to focus on the environment behind to create an optical allusion upon which that section of the building disappears. However it also allows Helen Keller to ‘feel’ and “smell” the environment as the breeze blows through the structure, as she is unable to experience it through sight and hearing. While this theme continues throughout the structure, the square profile of the lower proportion of the tower presents an ordered and structured sense, which represents the concise and calculated nature of Angela Merkel. For the bridge itself, it remains unformed when not needed, hence does not impact on the environment. However simply rises from the valley floor to form when required. The design forms in sections so it may be stored in a small space while the individual platforms are quite thin and light to reduce the aesthetical impact on the environment when formed.

EXP3: Inspiration

Abeno House - Shotaro Suga

Zigzag Cabin - Drew Heath

Carter Tucker House - Sean Godsell

EXP3: Key Guide

Although the design of my project may be simple, the elevators within portray a rather complex mechanism. Therefore I have devised an architectural experience which shows every aspect my design. Note that due to the complexity one must follow the steps below perfectly to ensure the system works.

1. Start by dropping into the game on the higher land platform of the valley. Press “h”.

2. Once the high side bridge rises up to join the valley wall to the central tower, walk across and into the tower. Begin exploring this floor.

3. To move from this floor downwards through the tower press the following buttons in the followings order. Start by pressing “r” to move to the floor below. Explore this floor and then press “t” to move to floor below that. Continue using this system to move and explore the structure by pressing the following button in order:
“y” - “u” – “o”

4. Once on the bottom floor press “p” to return to the upper floor of Angela Merkel’s section. Find your way to the reception and bridge. Stand on the marked individual platform at the beginning and press “j” to move to the valley floor. Once on the valley floor move to explore the meeting place under the tower.

EXP3: File Share

Sketch Up File:


Crysis Files:


EXP3: Video 2

EXP3: Video 1

Monday, June 14, 2010

EXP3: Final Pictures

Image 1

Image above portrays the overall composition in formation. One is to identify the central tower containing the office spaces and the two very light weight bridges either side at different heights, connecting to the either side of the Yosemite inspired valley. One further identifies at eye height towards the top the notion of being able to see a general image behind the structure through the individual floors.
Image 2

This image presents the meeting space located beneath the tower acting as almost a foundation for the entire structure. We identify the vertical slits which work as a juxtaposition to the horizontal slits between the floors above, defining it from the rest of the structure while also providing a unique framed view out to the forest.
Image 3

We identify here the interior to the meeting space. A very simple space to allow the diverse and unique conversation between the two women to define the sense of the space rather than the aesthetics. A formal table as well as a lounge and coffee table are presented in a style which connects to the style of the floor formation above, in terms of simple pieces of timber extruded from the walls as it is overall sunken into the valley floor.

Image 4

The image above presents the lower bridge to the side of the valley. We identify that the bridges texture remains the same except for the first section. This is to define this as the personal lift for Angela Merkel to the valley floor and hence meeting space.
Image 5
The final image simply presents the overall tower in a unique view as we see the various rooms for the women cut away from a central piece. We identify the change in the shape for Helen’s space as it angles downwards, presenting the notion of crushing adversity due to the extra pressure and forces involved as it canter leavers outwards.